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Supernatural s 10
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Sammy : much wrist-flicking to suit up


No, I’m not like you. This is not going to be my life.


Jensen while Jared talks about how quickly his Twitter feed updates [x]
23rd September+ 17883



if u were dating a FBI agent and you dumped him.

he would be ur fed ex 

I hope the NSA people scanning my blog got a chuckle out of that

22nd September+ 360793

31/endless pictures of sam

31/endless pictures of sam


All-time favourite pictures of Jared/Jensen (x)

We’ve done all we can. We can try and keep him comfortable at this point, But I’d give him a couple weeks. At most, maybe a month.


Jensen said in his Meet and Greet at Dallascon that Misha didn’t pick the daisy duke hotpants and the muscle shirt for Jensen for the mockumentary.
Jensen grabbed the shirt from the wardrobe trailer and he had those pants still in his drawer from a daisy duke day on set a while ago, where all the crew guys wore them.